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What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is clinically defined as the use of physical methods, versus drugs or surgery, to treat an injury, various diseases, deformity, or a pain syndrome various physical dysfunctions.  As you may now there are many complicated medical conditions that cannot be instantaneously cured by surgery, and at times medication are understood to provide temporary relief of the pain symptom . Patients today can benefit of physical therapy for years, live a more pain free active life, and move better, faster without restrictions.  Physical Therapy as it not only heals but diminishes pain, but educates people healthy habits that can help to avoid pain and other problems in the future.

Who is a Doctor of Physical Therapy?
Physical Therapist who is a trusted healthcare professional with the highest educational background (including minimum of 7 years of extensive graduate and post graduate curriculum with emphasis on clinically researched based education and differential diagnosis, and yearly required continued comprehensive provisional education on recent and up-to-dated medically proven approaches in physical rehabilitation care) to examine, diagnose, prevent and treat physiological conditions that restrict the human body’s ability to move and function in daily life. A Doctored Physical Therapist is a specialty care provider in physical rehabilitation in the medical field umbrella which embodies medical doctors (M.D.), physical therapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, physician assistant, nurse practitioners and etc.) Dr. Sarker at Divine Physical Therapy & Wellness will constitute in providing researched clinical evidenced based and proven techniques to help people get back in motion.


How Divine Therapy & Wellness Will Help You
Physical therapy is designed to treat pathological injuries that cause pain and/or dysfunction anywhere in the body. Physical therapy is extremely helpful in treating acute and chronic pain occurring at muscles and joints predominantly in the spine, back, and arms and legs essentially from head to toe where excessive amounts of movement occurs. Doctored physical therapy clinicians does not only work on reducing the immediate pain, but they are movement specialist providing techniques that ensure regular movement will be restored to a damaged body part.

Consideration on Surgery and Medicine
Dr. Sarker’s consideration in various cases drugs or surgery may initiate healing or temporarily reduce pain, but it takes clinical evidenced based physical therapy to truly restore and rehabilitate a fully functional joint or body part.  Some injuries require only physical therapy and some injuries may require medicine and rehabilitation accordingly. Seeking post-operative help from a physical therapist after a surgery is a must and crucial to the healing process. After a serious medical procedure Physical therapists are experts about your body's limitations and can help guide you through the recovery process to ensure a successful and permanent favorable outcome.

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