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Patient Information

Divine Physical Therapy & Wellness takes full consideration in each and every patient and their injury as truly unique from one another. Taking individualized patient care in appreciation, each patient will receive Dr. Sarker’s philosophy of sufficient quantity and quality of care for every initial evaluation visit to treatment visits. You will be treated as if you are part of family.

Initial Evaluation & Treatment Visits

Please see what you can do to help us make your first visit comfortable:

1. Divine Therapy & Wellness constitutes great emphasis on seeing each patient “on schedule”, so make yourself comfortable arriving 20 minutes early to fill out necessary paperwork or come with your paperwork already filled out will ensure you as a patient can begin your first physical therapy session right away.


2. During your first initial visit, your physical therapist will carefully evaluate your injury or condition. Make sure you wear (attire) comfortable clothing that isn’t constricting (example: shorts, tennis shoes, comfortable easy accessible tops) since your initial evaluation will typically involve excessive movements and positions in lying, sitting and standing . Your physical therapist will also ask you questions about any pain, difficulty in daily functional mobility, or other symptoms you’ve been experiencing recently and/or in the past and etc.. As of-course, your physical therapist is open ears for as you can always ask and talk about anything relevant to your injury.

3. After you’ve been evaluated, your Physical Therapist will educate you through the clinical findings to your diagnosis collected from the evaluation. Patient understanding and education regarding their condition prior to treatment beginning is essential in rehabilitation outcomes and Dr. Sarker philosophy of quality patient care. After that your Physical Therapist will discuss a Plan of Care, fully correlating with your doctor’s prescriptions which will serve as a roadmap for your rehabilitation program to optimal recovery with Divine Physical Therapy & Wellness. Dr. Sarker
believes your schedule is as important as his schedule. Together as a patient/physical therapist, your Plan of Care and your scheduled visits will be flexibility accommodated with the primary target in mind to pursue and achieve even better outcome then your previous well-being state.

4. Once your Physical Therapist has established a Plan of Care, it is imperative that you follow and stay determined to the recommended prescription/frequency of visits, for it is only to your benefit to recovery. After your initial visit, come prepared to schedule your upcoming visits and book as many visits as possible on a schedule that works for you so that physical therapy becomes a routine part of your weekly life till returning to pain free functional mobility. Since Divine Therapy & Wellness constitutes emphasis on patient care first, if you ever need to make a change to your scheduled visit, just give us a call at least 24 hours before during business hours and we will
accommodate to your needs.

Local: (352) 562-7772   Toll Free: 1-877-658-1433 

Divine Therapy & Wellness, LLC.
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