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Please read below for a list of our frequently asked questions about our practice and facilities. If you have further questions that are not answered below, please feel free to contact us.

How long will the visit take?

For the initial evaluation at Divine Therapy & Wellness , consider to be in this clinic for at least 1 hour. Although, evaluation times vary according to individual patient needs, it is essential that quality and quantity of care is provided. Expect follow-up visits range from 45 minutes minimum and are usually no greater than 1 hour.

Should I bring a list of my medications?

Yes, a complete list of medications you are taking is needed for your patient record. Medication name, dosage and reason you are taking it is helpful. It is important your physical therapist have this information in order to modify, defer &/or add appropriate treatment techniques that may be effected by certain medications.

Will my insurance pay for Physical Therapy?

Every insurance plan varies in its coverage of Physical Therapy Services. Divine Therapy & Wellness will be happy in assisting you with this or you can call your insurance carrier to check on your plan’s coverage.


Should I take my pain pills before coming to Physical Therapy?

Divine Physical Therapy & Wellness understands every patient deals with pain differently. Unfortunately, physical therapy may increase the intensity of your pain. Taking pain medication before physical therapy may make your treatment more tolerable. However, we recommend you should only take your medications as prescribed and follow all directions/precautions as indicated.


Can my spouse / significant other / caregiver come with me to P.T.?

Yes, Divine Therapy & Wellness welcomes your caregiver, close family member, and/or parents for start of care. It would be very appropriate for you to bring with you who ever will be assisting you at home in any way. With a family member, close friend, significant other and/or caregiver, your physical therapist will be better able to assist you with a comprehensive home program and/or teach someone else how to better help you at home in your own environment.


Do I need a prescription?
In the State of “Direct Access” to Physical Therapist which means a script (prescription) from your doctor is not necessary for you to be seen by a Physical Therapist. However, most insurance companies require you have a script (prescription) from your referring doctor as well as referral from your primary care physician if you provider is HMO. (Please see Direct Access.)

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