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About Us

Dr. Mahin Sarker is a Board Certified Physical Therapist who graduated from Emory and Henry College in Virginia with a Bachelors of Science degree in Sports Medicine (Athletic Training)  and finished his post graduate Doctorate Level degree in Physical Therapy from The University of St. Augustine of Health Science in FL.

The goal for Divine Therapy & Wellness is to be the most distinguished and outstanding provider of quality patient care in a positive, professional and compassionate environment.

About Dr. Sarker

As a young professional, Dr. Sarker is most certainly has vast knowledge in sports performance, biomechanics and care for sports injury.  Currently Dr.Sarker provides physical therapy to vast population is now distictively certified in Vestibular Rehabilitation and Autism Spectrum Disorders. His career now encompasses  diversity in patient population and clinical approaches in physical therapy rehabilitation. Dr. Sarker started as the primary physical therapist of the Orthopedic post surgical inpatient unit at New York Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, NY.  He later took a position as an outpatient physical therapist at Metro Sports Med Physical Therapy affiliated with New York Methodist Hospital.  Along with inpatient and outpatient physical therapy, Dr. Sarker also provided rehabilitation care as a contractor clinician with private home health agency, Manor Home Health, primarily evaluating and treating post cardiac, orthopedic surgical cases in Manhattan NYC, NY.

After gaining experience and providing rehabilitation care to all ages and various complex patients in the most diverse city in the world, Dr. Sarker decided to settle in Ocala, FL under the position of head physical therapist at Ocala Health and Rehabilitation Center Nursing Home in the beginning of 2012.  He provides care to geriatric and all age populations from babies-children with pediatric physical therapy to elders with a very low level of health, successfully helping them return to optimal functional mobility. Dr. Sarker also sees patients in home confinement as a home physical therapy clinician upon specific request

Over the course of his career, Dr. Sarker has now evaluated and treated approximately over 5,000 patients accumulating from various fields of physical therapy practice, giving him a diverse knowledge of physical therapy rehabilitation approaches to all ages, various injuries and dysfunctions, and functional mobility deficit that are prevalent amongst patients today. 


Dr. Sarkers commitment to excellence begins with a focus on personalized attention and recognizing that each person has their own unique needs as he will evaluate factors such as a patient’s lifestyle and environmental factors, as well as their values and desired outcome (such as avoiding surgery or medication). At the outset of care, each patient's medical and physical history will be assessed and personalized treatment program will developed based on the patient's injury, age, activity/sport, and other lifestyle needs. He will also take into account unique factors such as patterns of movement, body alignment, postural habits, and treatment goals in order to develop the most effective customized physical therapy and rehabilitation plans possible.


Dr. Sarker's philosophy is to educate his patients thoroughly of their conditions, plan of care, and prognosis, customize treatment strategy, emphasis patient first quality attention, and commitment to excellence which will correlate to patient’s optimal recovery, and in return, distinguish Divine Therapy & Wellness, LLC. as one of the premier providers of physical therapy and rehabilitation in Ocala, FL.

Mission Statement

DT&W holistic approach will develop non-surgical treatments that relieve acute or chronic pain, nurture healing and prevent future injury. Patient education in physical therapy techniques, fitness, general wellness, and ergonomics will be essential. Full evaluation will consist of diagnosing the root and mechanism of injury rather then the symptoms. Every innovative and progressive treatment strategy will be designed to optimize results, shorten recovery time and have patient return to full quality of life. In addition, DT&W will work closely with referring physicians to develop and maintain a progressive plan of care for each and every patient.


DT&W will take special consideration in close personalized care in helping patients who lost hope and have attempted everything but failed in improving. Helping people get rid of their difficulties in movement so they can enjoy the life with family and friends as they deserve. A healthy and problem free lifestyle will be the vision for Dr. Sarker and for each and every patient.


Patient Population

Physical Therapy treatments will be provided to all ages and background; from pediatric children, middle aged, to elders. All ages are welcomed to Divine Therapy & Wellness.

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Local: (352) 562-7772   Toll Free: 1-877-658-1433 

Divine Therapy & Wellness, LLC.
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